❓Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the plugin show as not loaded?

If you're experiencing issues with the plugin not loading, the most common cause relates to an invalid spawn world setting. Please verify your config.yml file to ensure the world is correctly configured. Although the plugin might show up in red in the /plugins list, this is normal if you use a name other than "ExploiterPatcher." Rest assured, it will still function as expected.

Why can't I use any commands?

To access the full suite of SpoofMC commands, you need to add your in-game name to the "whitelisted" section in the main config.yml file. This simple step will unlock the powerful capabilities of SpoofMC, letting you manage your server more effectively.

How do I set up the Fluctuation Module?

The Fluctuation Module is designed for ease of use, offering both fixed and percentage-based spoofing options. Setting a fixed amount means a constant number of spoofed players will always be present. Setting a percentage amount adjusts the number of spoofed players based on the current real player count. For example, setting it to 200% with 10 real players will double this amount, showing 20 spoofed players online, thus enhancing your server's activity and appeal.

I want to use the free version, but the plugin shows an invalid license. What should I do?

Even if you encounter an 'invalid license' notification when opting for the free version of SpoofMC, the plugin will still function with a limited feature set. For a comparison of what’s available in the free versus premium packages, please visit our pricing page at SpoofMC Pricing.

How do I set up SpoofMC on a network?

To set up SpoofMC across a network, first configure it as you would for any single server instance. Ensure the controller.yml is correctly set with the server ID matching your Bungeecord or Velocity plugin configuration. Enable proxy-mode in the same file for network-wide coordination. For more extensive network setups involving multiple proxies, you might consider setting up a Redis database for enhanced performance and reliability.

Install SpoofMC on your Bungeecord or Velocity server, and remember, no additional configurations are needed unless you are integrating a Redis database connection.