Sets bounties on players through spoofed players, either automatically or by manual input. This adds a fun, competitive twist to the game by making players target each other.

Configuration Information

enabled - This determines whether the module is active (true) or inactive (false).

settings - This specifies which economy plugin the bounty module will use. It is set to "Vault", indicating that the module is integrated with the Vault economy system.

amounts - This defines the minimum and maximum economy amounts for bounties placed on players.

bounty-delay - This configures the minimum and maximum delay in seconds between setting bounties.

# This module automatically/manually makes spoofed players
# set bounties on other players using one of the following plugins:
# β€’ AbyssBounties

enabled: true

    economy: "Vault"
amounts: #Bounty amounts that are being set
    min: 100
    max: 250

bounty-delay: #Delay between bounties
    min: 10
    max: 20