This module lets you either automatically or manually get spoofed players to auction items. It makes the market in the game feel more real by letting these players hold auctions.

Configuration Information

enabled - This determines whether the module is active (true) or inactive (false).

economy - This specifies which economy plugin the auction module will use. It is set to "Vault", indicating that the module is integrated with the Vault economy system.

prices - This defines the minimum and maximum economy prices for auctioned items.

auction-items - This configures what items the spoofed players would be selling on the auction menu.

# This module automatically/manually makes spoofed players
# auction items using one of the following plugins:
# β€’ AbyssAuctions
# β€’ AuctionGUI+
# β€’ AuctionHouse
# β€’ PlayerAuctions

enabled: true

    economy: "Vault"
prices: #Prices of the randomly selected items
    min: 100
    max: 250

auction-delay: #Delay between auctions
    min: 10
    max: 20

auction-items: #The items that are being auctioned
        material: "DIAMOND"
        enchanted: true
        name: "&b&lDiamond"
        lore: []